[quake2] Linux Q2 Bots?

Thomas J Fogal tfogal at pascal.unh.edu
Mon Jan 31 14:42:40 EST 2005

 <20050131211042.2f5006c6.synchrotron at univ.kiev.ua>Maxym Synytsky writes:


> > 3d-bit binary compiled for Linux.  Sadly I forgot the name of it.  It
> > was some weird name, likde 3dbz2 or something, and I found it on a


> Obviously, it's 3rd Zigock Bot II (3zb2). http://ponpoko.tri6.net/3zb2/

He seems to provide source code on his site. The license is
unmentioned. I emailed the author about the possibility of releasing it
under the GPL.

Anyway, until then I've provided a basic makefile for his sources and
repackaged them on my site:


Be warned, its currently x86_64-specific and the binary it makes is
untested. If you've even rudimentary knowledge of makefiles you should
be able to make it work for you.

It would be awesome to have freely available sources for a quake2 bot.
I think it might be a cool project to fix up the bot sources (read: fix
warnings, and then maybe... ?), and combine icculus-q2 with the bot and
perhaps the q2 retexturing project to make a freely-distributable
complete game...


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