Troubles with loki installer version of 0.16

Paul subsolar at
Sat Jan 22 10:13:48 EST 2005

I'm using Fedora Core 3 and having issues with quake2 crashing when I
change any of the sound settings.  Is anybody else having this issue?

Another issue is the screen is dark running in OpenGL mode even if I
tweak the brightness all the way up.  Is there a way to change the gamma
in the game I've tried changing vid_gamma in the config file but it gets
reset to 0.50000.   I'm using a GeForce FX 5700 for a graphics card.

I have not played with this version since 0.05 I believe and remember
there were some issue with TNT cards at that time.

Thanks for any help/input anybody can give me.

Paul Berger

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