[quake2] console font size - anybody?

Thomas J Fogal tfogal at pascal.unh.edu
Fri Jan 14 01:37:22 EST 2005


> > Perhaps someone still has an idea or (god forbid, haha) even writes a quick
> > patch - if he has time and interest and IF there is really nothing in the
> > current code to resize the console/players text messages.

> I'll try and see what my push/pop idea results in.

Just an update, this didn't work out for me at all :(

The text stopped appearing after I made the modification. There are
more complicated things going on, re.DrawChar appears to also be passed
the location of the text to be drawn. I would think since we're
changing the size of text, things needs to be spaced more and thus this
becomes more complicated. Logically I'd expect to see overlapping text
instead of no text, though... *shrug*. I'm lost.

Sorry but this has progressed beyond my 'interesting 15 minute hack'
limit allocated for it :P. If anyone else wants to have a stab, since
text stopped appearing for me after changing code around re.DrawChar in
client/console.c, that seems like a pretty good indication that I was
changing the right code... just in the wrong way =).

Good luck,


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