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Wed Jan 5 20:44:26 EST 2005


Is there _any_ way to change the console font size in icculus quake2?

I would like to use a higher resolution, like 1280x1024 - instead of my
usual 800x600.

The console text gets so tiny that it is really hard to read - not good for
my eyes.

While quakeworld (quakeforge) has some -conwidth -conheight command line
options and while nocheat has a command "gl_scale) to easily solve that
problem. Quake2max also has a command "con_font_size". 

In all these cases, you can easily change the console text size without
changing the high resolution.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find anything to achieve something like that in
icculus quake2? I would, however, like to use icculus quake2 as my main
client due to its excellent graphics (when maxpak is used), compared to the
more standard like looking nocheat.

Am I out of luck, or did I miss a nice command?

Thanks for your help

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