strange things form

Maxym Synytsky synchrotron at
Sat Jan 1 13:52:14 EST 2005

Hello, All! Happy New Year!
I've discovered some strange things in Q2.
Sometimes bulbs (?) of unknown origin start to form around player. Sometimes
they look like red (or yellow) small plasma balls from the BFG blast, sometimes
like red sparks (when moving quickly). I've made some screenshots:

On strange_formX.jpg can be seen the process of forming. After that this thing
can disappear (strange_disappear.jpg) or it can fly somewhere, even through the
walls. The place, where I captured them, is the end of the "Mines" unit,
"Drilling area" level. This thing appeared there periodically on
the same place. On quake06.jpg this thing is not seen good, unfortunately, but
it is there up from the left tube. It formed near me and flew there. In some
seconds the second thing appeared (yellow this time) and travelled the same way

I know, this sounds funny, but this is not a joke.

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