[quake2] Shutdown problems

tei 421621 at ingta.unizar.es
Tue Feb 22 11:07:59 EST 2005

Nick Warne wrote:
> On Monday 21 February 2005 20:28, Nelson Marques wrote:
>> Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory -> Same problem
>> Quake 2 -> ...
>> Quake 3 Arena -> ... (same doesn't happen while using the Urban
>>Territory mod)
>> Doom 3 -> same happens
>> Return to Castle Wolfenstein -> Same issue.
>> Unreal Tournament and UT2004 have been fail proof when I try to
>>recreate the problem. Anyway, SELinux doesn't help in many things. Got
>>completly wipped out. Goodbye NSA!
>> I confirm what Brendan said in a previous post.
> Usual mouse problems in Linux stem from gpm which reads mouse events.  I have 
> never used it, and the always remove the gpm daemon (or not install it).
> Maybe a bum steer, but worth looking at if not tried.
> Nick

How dificult can be to write a small app that get the cursor and restore
the cursor?


then run games trough a script:


./mygamedoom -q $1 $2 $3

I am not linux developer, so I dont know how you trap the cursor on
linux, but maybe you can do something like this:

/*compile me as restoremouse*/
void main() {

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