[quake2] Shutdown problems

Nelson Marques nmarques at netvisao.pt
Mon Feb 21 15:28:42 EST 2005

x0563511 wrote:

> Little OT, but how is FC3? I'm using debian Sarge/Sid - would 
> switching to FC3 be a good or a bad thing? I'm not having any issues 
> with it ATM.

Neither am I. One small problem, wich everything points to a third party 
software problem isn't enough to gun down the mainstream distro, and the 
proud sucessor of the product who won most of the battle in the linux vs 
windows scene.

> As for the mouse problem... I have no idea. If you're kernel has 
> hotplugging/pnp support and you have a USB mouse, have you tried 
> unhooking it for a few seconds?

Usually I don't unplug my mouse. Anyway, it's isn't only Q2 problem, it 
happens to all the ID games, only in ID Quake Engine (Q2 and Q3A, also 
doom 3) based games.

 Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory -> Same problem
 Quake 2 -> ...
 Quake 3 Arena -> ... (same doesn't happen while using the Urban 
Territory mod)
 Doom 3 -> same happens
 Return to Castle Wolfenstein -> Same issue.

 Unreal Tournament and UT2004 have been fail proof when I try to 
recreate the problem. Anyway, SELinux doesn't help in many things. Got 
completly wipped out. Goodbye NSA!

 I confirm what Brendan said in a previous post.


>> Hi,
>> Anyone had any exiting problems on Quake2 client using ref GLX ?
>> Currenlty when I quit the game it just stalls mouse movement on the 
>> screen and the X Server stops right there, if you have something like 
>> a terminal open, you can still type, keyboard input is still present, 
>> all the rest is gone. Latest nvidia drivers on FC 3 running 
>> .xorg-x11-6.8.1-12.
>> Any help would be welcome,
>> Thanks in advance,
>> nelson marques

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