[quake2] Highly erratic mouse behavior

Thomas J Fogal tfogal at pascal.unh.edu
Tue Feb 8 09:50:05 EST 2005

 <20050208130422.GD1100 at yggdrasil.ath.cx>Tom Murphy writes:

>   I've been using the sdlquake2 binary and it looks really nice.
> Unfortunately, my mouse doesn't seem too happy with it. It's very jerky
> and hard to control. When I load up quake2, if I move the mouse to the
> right, it moves left. If I move the mouse to the left, it moves right.
> This is easily fixed by setting m_yaw -0.022 in the console, however,
> the mouse movement is extremely jerky and hard to control. I find myself
> unable to aim with it.

This is a known problem that some people see, although I thought (might
have just not been following the thread closely enough...) that it had
been fixed with the latest release.

Anyway, try CVS and/or release 0.15 if you don't need anything thats
been added since then, I believe thats when the mouse started getting



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