[quake2] Why Icculus?

Karen Pouelle hockeyvixen at yahoo.ca
Wed Feb 2 22:40:28 EST 2005

> > Couldn't you just use sourceforge or savannah?
> It might depend on the license ... SF projects must use one of the OSI
> approved licenses if I remember correctly.
> Also icculus is kinda the place to host if your hosting a port of a
> commercial game for linux.

Sourceforge is rather big and intimidating to me, however it has lots 
of resources, such as the ole compile farm, 100 MB of space, SQL access,
all kinds of stuff... Good site!

Savannah is mostly GNU-related, but does accept non-GNU projects.

The Quake 2 server-side game code that I'm modding was first released under 
SDK, then later releases under GPL - so I potentially have a choice there...
But SDK mods seem to just die... OrangeSmoothie's stuff can't be recompiled
for newer libraries, so they rot away, some very cool ideas lost in time....

I've already touched the GPL release code, anyway - the same code that's a
basis for the icculus.org Quake 2 release.  Additionally, I've been on this
list for probably two years now and you guys seem very helpful.  Honestly, I
only half-know what I'm doing.  The ideas are viable, but I'm not proficient
in C.  You guys identify and patch bugs frequently and with much more skill
than I can.   

I'd never even have started the project in question if it hasn't been gnawing
on me for the past few years -- why hasn't anyone done this for Q2 yet?  
I've got an alpha-stable proof-of-concept, some cobbled-together new game
media, about 10 to 20 maps and the potential to be able to load non-mod maps
and script in unique game entities.   So... I'll give this a try here at
icculus.org if you'll give it a try.  Plus I also like the music of Phish.

(Starts to go into a jam, then stops abruptly)



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