[evil patch] hwgamma hack for voodoo1/voodoo2

O.Sezer sezeroz at gmail.com
Mon Dec 12 09:21:38 EST 2005

coyote at cojot.name wrote:
> On Mon, 12 Dec 2005, O.Sezer wrote:
>> Hi, here is a working gamma hack for voodoo 1/2
>> boards when using fxMesa as the opengl library.
>> It requires the previously posted RTLD_GLOBAL
>> patch to be applied. This patch, in essence, is
>> evil, since it abuses the glide symbols exposed
>> onto it, but it works nicely.
> The diffs to the ref_gl/gl_rmain.c will break other arches (Most 
> nostably Solaris/Sparc)..

Can you explain? The only thing it does is
changing the order where the gamma check is

> Is there any other way to do this?

I don't think so..

> Are there 
> many Vooddoo1/2 still in use? I thought most people used GLX and 
> ATI/NVidia stuff under Linux these days...

Yeah, my main box has a gf3, as well. But
I still mess with my voodoo boards on older
boxes sometimes ;)

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