[quake2] Re: quake3 source

Tei 421621 at ingta.unizar.es
Sat Aug 20 16:05:58 EDT 2005

El sáb, 20-08-2005 a las 10:54 -0700, Richard W. Knight escribió:

> >
> I think it's great to see that ID has released this source code, but 
> I've had, for some time now, a native Linux version of Q3 so, why so 
> much excitement? Unless perhaps someone is able to create a true single 
> player version of Q3! That would be cool.
> Thanks,
> Rick Knight

I think its great to have a new toy. But maybe the more impresive bonus
will be....   more free games, because the Quake3 good karma will atract
more artist and game designers than before. 

Other than that.. theres funny ideas posible:

 - Quake3world. 
 - TenebraeQ3 
 - software mode quake3
 - etc...

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