[quake2] Re: quake3 source

tom fogal tfogal at cisunix.unh.edu
Sat Aug 20 13:47:29 EDT 2005

 <20050820133320.GE8474 at spacepants.org>Jamie Wilkinson writes:
> This one time, at band camp, qudos wrote:
> >Compiles fine in linux through Makefile, not by cons, anyway there are
> The cons error is because the whole source tree uses DOS line endings.

I spent bit of time in #icculus on freenode, and TTimo popped in.  Then
I started bitching about build systems and offended him, not realizing
he was the one to put together the release :O ... oops.

Anyway he noted that the -a option will autoconvert line endings when
extracting from a zip.

Also its been noted many times now that gcc3 seems to work, but you
need to manually edit a few lines to remove the -Werror CFLAG.

Dunno if the permissions bothered anyone else, but +x on source files
made me cringe. So I wrote a quick script that recursively changes all
files from the current directory, to permissions 700 if a directory, or
600 if a regular file:


Unfortunately its not very smart.  It doesn't know that some things
should STAY executable, so (for example) code/unix/cons gets its
execute bit stripped.


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