[quake2] Strange SDL sound problem

brendanburns at comcast.net brendanburns at comcast.net
Sat Aug 20 10:51:57 EDT 2005

The fact that it works on low and not on high means that SDL doesn't think your sound system supports the higher sampling/bit rate of the higher quality sounds.  (Why SDL thinks this if its not true, is another problem..)

I'm running debian unstable here, but haven't updated in a while.  I'll update and see what happens.  If I find anything I'll let you know.


> Hi,
> I have a strange SDL Sound problem with q2 0.16.1.
> If I start Q2 I get the following message:
> SDL: Audio timeout - buggy audio driver? (disabled)
> audio: Bad file descriptor
> However sound works if the sound quality is set to "low" in the q2
> options.
> But when I set sound quality to high and restart quake2, there's no
> sound.
> However if I switch the sound quality to low and then back again to high
> sound works in high quality.
> But after the next q2 restart, sound is missing again and I need to
> switch to low and back again to high in order to get it working again.
> This is quite annoying.
> I think it's somehow related to the newer SDL Version in Debian SID
> (1.2.7+1.2.8cvs20041007) because it worked fine some time ago.
> Does anyone else see this problem and might have a solution?
> Regards,
> Julien

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