[quake2] Icculus need fixes

JoeHill joehill at sympatico.ca
Fri Apr 8 19:20:50 EDT 2005

On Thu, 7 Apr 2005 12:54:55 +0200
qudos qudos disseminated the following:

> Hi all,
> My site is being updated, binaries and some mods ready to test, take a look.
> http://qudos.quakedev.com/linux/quake2/

Wow! Thank you very much, I have not played the Awakening mod in years. Probably
unlike most of the people on this list, I mostly still just play the old SP
levels, and I'm playing the Awakening mod now, seems to work great. Love that
shotgun and the mines. Cool stuff.

BTW, I can't remember now, if anyone has played the Awakening SP maps, how the
heck do you get to the adrenaline in the first map??

Anyway, thanks again!

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