[quake2] Savagame

Jamie Wilkinson jaq at spacepants.org
Tue Apr 5 22:04:24 EDT 2005

This one time, at band camp, coyote at cojot.name wrote:
>On Wed, 30 Mar 2005, Brendan Burns wrote:
>>Yeah, although its worth pointing out that I think if it doesn't work, q2 
>>crashes...  I've heard that other versions of q2 have improved the saved 
>>file format and don't have this issue...  Adding that to this version 
>>would be a great project for someone interested in getting their feet wet 
>>in q2 development (hint, hint)  Otherwise I'll put it on my (really, 
>>really long) list of things to do (write after "Graduate with PhD...")
>Mind sharing with us the list of changes you'd like to do?

Dunno what Brendan's thinking of, but back in the day I was contemplating
encapsulating the save game info in a parseable format (rather than the
memory dump thing it currently is) that isn't tied to the particular build.
I'd expect there to be some problems, such as the state of monsters or items
in levels during development changing (at least, that's what I understand to
be the reason that the tie-to-build exists in the first place) but there is
probably some way of compromising so at least the engine doesn't segfault

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