[quake2] suggestion

Brendan Burns brendanburns at comcast.net
Tue Apr 5 17:28:24 EDT 2005

I'm not against maintaining icculus q2 for windows, but I agree with 
nick that there are probably better versions out there for windows, and 
the primary point of icculus q2 is un*x.  I'm certainly not going to do 
it (I don't have a windows box for starters...)  But if someone wants 
to send me patches and installers, I have no problem putting them on 
the site...


On Apr 5, 2005, at 1:54 PM, Anders Storsveen wrote:

> you know what would be great? if someone would take responsibilty for 
> makeing windows binarys of the releases!
> Would be fantastic if we could have something to offer the windows 
> users, an updated q2 binary would definantly please windows users, 
> except for the binary incompability with the old mods...
> anyway, would be fantastic!
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