[quake2] Mouse problems (again)

coyote at cojot.name coyote at cojot.name
Tue Apr 5 10:57:34 EDT 2005

On Tue, 29 Mar 2005, Brendan Burns wrote:

> Yeah,
> I think most of the problems are related to using DGA for mouse...  I've been 
> thinking about simply eliminating the DGA mouse.  Its there for speed, but 
> I'm not sure that the speed is required now given processor speeds these 
> days...
> --brendan


Please be careful with other platforms:

$ grep in_dgamouse */*
linux/gl_glx.c:static cvar_t    *in_dgamouse;
linux/gl_glx.c:  if (in_dgamouse->value) {
linux/gl_glx.c:      ri.Cvar_Set( "in_dgamouse", "0" );
linux/gl_glx.c:  in_dgamouse = ri.Cvar_Get ("in_dgamouse", "0", CVAR_ARCHIVE);
linux/rw_x11.c:static cvar_t    *in_dgamouse;
linux/rw_x11.c:  in_dgamouse = ri.Cvar_Get ("in_dgamouse", "1", CVAR_ARCHIVE);
linux/rw_x11.c: if (in_dgamouse->value) {
linux/rw_x11.c:                 ri.Cvar_Set( "in_dgamouse", "0" );
----====> solaris/gl_glx.c:       if (in_dgamouse->value) {
----====> solaris/gl_glx.c:                       Cvar_Set( "in_dgamouse", "0" 

Linux/x86 isn't the -only- platform supported by the icculus source base, ya 
known.. :)



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