0.16 rc2 and bugzilla

Andy Piper andy.piper at freeuk.com
Mon Sep 27 09:45:50 EDT 2004

Just to note that I don't seem to be having any problems at all
running 0.16 rc2 on my FC1 Linux system - that includes GLX
mouse which appears OK to me. I keep meaning to stick 64-bit
FC2 on the box, I think that would be more of a fun test for
Quake2 but I think I'm at the point in the release cycle where
I'll just hold out for FC3.

With the assortment of different bug reports coming through on
the list, I just wondered if it was worth using bugzilla.i.o to
track the issues, or do people (Brendan in particular I guess)
prefer to do it all on the list? I can't currently see any bugs
logged against Quake2 in bugzilla.

Obviously if people prefer to use the list instead that's fine,
just thought I'd remind us all that bugzilla exists for this
project :-)

Andy Piper - Farnborough, Hampshire (UK)

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