[quake2] CVS: Mouse still a bit bad

arny at taiga.com arny at taiga.com
Mon Sep 27 05:28:08 EDT 2004


> I'm still playing Q2 using quake2forge 0.3, where glx mouse is 
> fine.... but in icculus-quake2, its still fudged.
> Could someone tell me which file(s) I should look at to compare 
> the quake2forge to icculus-quake2 glx mouse code?

I got the feeling another 'thread' was stopping a mouse handling
'thread' and a sound handling 'thread' from running for a split
second from time to time.  If that was the case the problem would
be in the thread scheduling code.

Note I don't know _anything_ about quake 2, it might not even
work that way (i.e. splitting mouse and sound into different
threads).  Alternatively I could have explained what I meant
conceptually in terms of interrupts being unserviced.

Just throwing up vague suggestions.  What I saw could have even
been explained a forgotten about background process running on
my system now and then, though I did check with top at the time,
and nothing springs to mind.



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