[quake2] Candidate 0.16 release.

Asfand Yar Qazi email at asfandyar.cjb.net
Sun Sep 19 08:08:43 EDT 2004

Julien Langer wrote:
> I've fetched the latest source from CVS which compiles cleanly.
> Mouse input in SDL GL now works, however it's still broken in GLX (mouse
> button 4 and 5 also don't work in GLX).

I can confirm mouse input in GLX is still mashed.

Its funny - the way the mouse is working in GLX reminds me of an 
'innovation' in a really old game demo I played called 'Island of 
  Dr. Moreau' (I think it was called.)  Anyone know what I'm 
talking about?

	Asfand Yar


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