Starting out questions

Asfand Yar Qazi email at
Sat Sep 18 19:36:39 EDT 2004


I'm about to start tinkering with the Q2 sources, having chosen 
icculus-quake2 over quake2forge for several reasons.  I was 
wondering if you could confirm some things for me:

- The build system is better to me (I hate all that 
autoconf/automake stuff.)  Any plans to revamp it? (I hope no 
move to autoconf / automake!)

- It seems to me icculus-quake2 supports higher resolution 
textures than the original.  Is this so?

- Depending on how I feel, I mightadd a few things to the engine 
just to see if it is feasible for a game I'm thinking of.  What 
do you think?  Are these features trivial to implement with the 
current code-base, or demand a bit more work?
     + An isometric-style 3rd person camera angle
     + Mouse-click control with path-finding ala Diablo II
     + Gameplay pausing while still allowing user-input to 
continue (ala BioWare games like Baldurs Gate.)

- Also, is it possible to modify the source so that .zip files 
are used instead of .pak files?  Do any patches exist for this 

I'm quite excited about the Quake 3 source release, and may just 
move to that and stop thinking about Quake 2 :-)  I hope icculus 
will be hosting a copy of them!

	Asfand Yar


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