revamped build system

tom fogal tfogal at
Sat Sep 18 14:40:42 EDT 2004

Hey all, I was trying to redo the build system in a (at least what I
feel to be) better way, and I just can't get things to link correctly.
I was hoping someone here has more quake2 or unix lore and could help
me out.

sdlquake2 builds with a line like the following:

gcc -Wall -pipe -Dstricmp=strcasecmp -DQMAX -g -DLINUX_VERSION='"3.21+rCVS Debug"' -o debugi386/sdlquake2 debugi386/client/cl_cin.o debugi386/client/cl_ents.o debugi386/client/cl_fx.o debugi386/client/cl_input.o debugi386/client/cl_inv.o debugi386/client/cl_main.o debugi386/client/cl_parse.o debugi386/client/cl_pred.o debugi386/client/cl_tent.o debugi386/client/cl_scrn.o debugi386/client/cl_view.o debugi386/client/cl_newfx.o debugi386/client/console.o debugi386/client/keys.o debugi386/client/menu.o debugi386/client/snd_dma.o debugi386/client/snd_mem.o debugi386/client/snd_mix.o debugi386/client/qmenu.o debugi386/client/m_flash.o debugi386/client/cmd.o debugi386/client/cmodel.o debugi386/client/common.o debugi386/client/crc.o debugi386/client/cvar.o debugi386/client/files.o debugi386/client/md4.o debugi386/client/net_chan.o debugi386/client/sv_ccmds.o debugi386/client/sv_ents.o debugi386/client/sv_game.o debugi386/client/sv_init.o debugi386/client/sv_main.o debugi386/client/s!
 v_send.o debugi386/client/sv_user.o debugi386/client/sv_world.o debugi386/client/q_shlinux.o debugi386/client/vid_menu.o debugi386/client/vid_so.o debugi386/client/sys_linux.o debugi386/client/glob.o debugi386/client/net_udp.o debugi386/client/q_shared.o debugi386/client/pmove.o debugi386/client/cd_sdl.o debugi386/client/snd_sdl.o debugi386/client/snd_mixa.o -lm -ldl -L/usr/lib -Wl,-rpath,/usr/lib -lSDL -lpthread

(sorry, you might have to turn line wrapping on for that - to
summarize, 'gcc', some CFLAGS, a bunch of object files from a mix
of client/, server/, and linux/, and '-lm -ldl -
L/usr/lib -Wl,-rpath,/usr/lib -lSDL -lpthread')

I'm trying to make each directory into its own module of sorts,
archived into a static library and then linked in when appropriate.
I've pruned the archives so they only have the objects specified in the
above commandline, but when I used a line such as:

gcc -g -Wall -pipe -DQMAX -DLINUX_VERSION="\"3.21+\"" -Lclient/  \
-Llinux/ -Lqcommon/ -Lserver/ -llinux -lclient -lserver -lqcommon -lm \
-ldl -Wl,-rpath,/usr/lib -lSDL -lpthread

I get a lot of undefined references to VectorMA and some other vector
functions or globals. I even tried linking in the 'game' modules shared
object (aka ""), which got rid of a lot of undefined
references but still leaves me with a lot of undefined references to
'NET_'* and 'CDAudio_'*.

Any ideas? BTW, my platform is linux if that matters much.

As an aside, the motivation for this is ease of new additions to the
engine. I am (was...) trying to add OpenGL-based dynamic lighting
(instead of multi-texturing lightmaps) and wanted to add a new file to
the build system, but it was not entirely intuitive.
As I've been doing this I noticed a lot of awkwardness in the engine,
like using 'extern <function_prototype>' instead of having header
files, which seems unsafe to me. So now I'm more interested in making
the build system catch stupidities as early as possible in the
compile/link/run stages. I don't know if these changes/additions would
be interesting to others, as I'm being kind of lax in keeping non-q2max,
software rendering, etc. working. If theres enough interest though, I
could be convinced in being more diligent in making sure those work.

Whew, that was long. Thanks for reading this far =)


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