[quake2] help running quake2

arny at taiga.com arny at taiga.com
Thu Oct 14 01:49:59 EDT 2004


> First off... i managed to compile, install, and run the game. Works
> (and looks, thanks to the MAX enhancements) great... except for one
> thing.
> The mouse acts as if it is twice as vertically sensetive as it is
> horizontally... and it acts REALLY strange. Sometimes it will ignore
> me for a moment, others it wont realise that i stopped moving it (and
> the view will keep moving untill i move the mouse again).
> It's bad enough to make the game unplayable with a mouse...
> Did i do something wrong, is this a known issue?

Issue they're working on.

If you look at the past emails to this list a few weeks ago
mouse problems were discussed a fair amount.  They refered
to it as 'glx mouse' problems, so maybe it doesnt do it with
the other drivers, or maybe theres another mouse problem they've
not caught.

I think the mouse was fine in quake2-r0.15 so you could try
downgrading to that version.  The issue with that version for me
was 'MAX' was enabled in the default makefile which broke the
software rendering drivers, and also I was missing a file 'MAX'
needed so the glx driver didnt work either - but as been as you've
got 'MAX' working already, quake2-r0.15 might suit you fine.

Actually I think there may have been one or two occasional bugs
with the mouse in quake2-r0.15 but nothing that effected the
quality and feel of the mouse I think, just very occasionally
you'd get stuck moving in a direction and have to press escape a
couple of times.



(hoping that I've not completely answered the wrong question again,

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