fetch the latest texturepacks...

Karen Pouelle hockeyvixen at yahoo.ca
Fri Jan 16 20:59:35 EST 2004

"Oh, and a little side note.  3d.kicks-ass.net seems to be dead.  Anyone know
where I can fetch the latest texturepacks?  Karen?  =)"  - Joshua Barney 

The PNG versions of the textures are in a CVS on another site (
http://q2ice.iceware.net - in the CVS there. ), but the resulting pak would
be very large (due to PNG's and duplicate textures not having symlinks) and
consume a lot of time trying to build the pak oneself.

I will see about making an updated pak file, and if anyone would like to host
it, that would be very helpful.  I'm on dialup and really only want to update
the file once a week and can't offer it for download from here.  Just to make
things easier, I think I'll start creating one pak file instead of several
for each unit.  Email me and we'll make some sort of arrangements, thanks!


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