[quake2] floating point exception

arny at taiga.com arny at taiga.com
Tue Aug 17 15:21:25 EDT 2004


> Submit questions with answers to me for inclusion in 
> http://www.icculus.org/lgfaq/

Thanks, I didn't know that existed.  I won't go and check whether
I can find much of a link to it on the quake2 source webpage, but
obviously I came here and not there, and presumably I was going
by whatever the webpage told me.  Admittedly I thought it was a
quake 2 source issue and not a general linux quake issue.  I did
have quake 2 working from precompiled binary a few years back
but 'lost' it with a system upgrade (probably didn't work with
the new libs).  Why not at least add a few lines to the mailing
list welcome message telling people about how to retrieve old
posts and the http://www.icculus.org/lgfaq/ site.

> Or just complain about poor documentation forever.

You're talking to someone that wont comment his C code because he
can think better in C than in English and finds comments just
obscure the code (I actually delete all the comments if I'm trying
to understand someone elses code, find it easier to get my head
round if its smaller)...  but even I would at least type up simple
plain text instructions adequete enough for a competent person to
get my stuff working for the use I intend, that might include saying
"this has been tested with X and should work, but Y may not work, so
try X first", etc.  I know proper documentation is not always
realistic, I worked 2 years writing feature rich device drivers and
it got so documenting every last flag properly in a user friendly
form would have taken as long as writing the code itself.

Besides, I'm not complaining, I've got it working fine for me, thanks,
I'm merely trying to give you some feedback that you may need to
make it easier for people.  I found the quake 2 source page on google.
The question is just how much time and effort do you expect the average
fairly experienced user to spend getting it working?  If you think, say,
10 hours , then forget I said anything.  Bear in mind the developers
could improve the instructions in just an hour or two though.  I'm not
suggesting perfection, but wheres the harm in the readme file suggesting
a place with answers to frequent problems.  Wheres the harm in listing
a few of the most common problems in the readme with suggested solutions.

Actually I think I've just spotted what the actual problem is,
BUILD_QMAX is set to YES in the default Makefile (in quake2-r0.15
which was the latest version) and nobody has updated the README file
to warn people of this.  And no, seriously, its not obvious, the
casual user is not at all likely to notice this.  In fact the README
says the user has to edit the Makefile to set BUILD_QMAX to YES,
implying the default is NO.

But I'm just an unappreciative idiot user complaining because he enjoys
wasting time offending developers, right?


Robin Arnold

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