[quake2] floating point exception

arny at taiga.com arny at taiga.com
Tue Aug 17 11:47:15 EDT 2004


> Le dimanche 27 Juin 2004 05:07, arny at taiga.com a =E9crit=A0:
> Here is a list of the command addresses supported:

> To get messages 123 through 145 (a maximum of 100 per request), mail:
>    <quake2-get.123_145 at icculus.org>
> To get an index with subject and author for messages 123-456, mail:
>    <quake2-index.123_456 at icculus.org>

Thanks, that got me sorted.  I had to use the options to tell it
to use the the glx driver (good job I finally managed to hardware
rendering working for flight gear about a year back, that wasn't
easy, mainly due to the lack of basic instructions and difficult
to find key files) and then had to refer to the mailing list archive
again because I had to have a file called maxpak.pak in baseq2 for
the glx driver to work.  The software drivers (e.g. svgalib, aa and
probably softx) still don't work.

Now that I'm sorted, please allow me to make some constructive
criticism of who ever's maintaining the quake 2 source on icculus.org.
I've heard of 'unsupported', but I think you're going well well
beyond that.  I've been a unix/linux user since 1995, I've worked as
a unix consulant and a unix C programmer, and my diagnostic skills
are probably unusually good.  If it takes me this long to get quake 2
working, what chance does the average user stand?  At the very least
please put instructions of how to access the mailing list archive on
the quake 2 icculus.org page somewhere noticeable.  If you actually
cared you could even stick basic help in the readme file such as
the options to select the different render and the tip that oddly
glx may work in situations where the somewhat simpler software
renderer wont.  You can't blame people for keep asking the same
questions when a) you dont make an FAQ, b) you dont tell people how
to access the mailing list archive and c) you never bother to fix
basic common bugs or even note they are known.  It is of great credit
to ID that they released the source, I think this lack of support
somewhat pisses on that.  Again, I hope you take this feedback
constructively.  I dislike idiot users as much as anyone, and I
appreciate the hours/weeks/years it takes to write and maintain
software, and that sometimes you've a lot more important things to do
that answer email, but even considering all that I think you could
make some improvements.

Thanks again to the guys on the list that did reply.


Robin Arnold

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