Joystick Support

Wolfgang wolfgang at
Sat Aug 14 23:51:30 EDT 2004


Would anyone know, how I can get Quake2 to configure the joystick for
the X & Y axis to be forward/back & strafe left/right?? At the moment
it's all working ok, but when I push the stick forward you look down,
back and it looks up etc. The joystick commands in the readme's don't do
a thing, it simply states that it doesn't recognise the commands.

I'm running the latest builds and joystick support in enabled etc.

Note: That this worked ok on the original Windows version, with the
standard joystick commands. But with this version they don't seem to be
supported. All the buttons seem to work great, but I'd like to get this
setup like I originally did with Windows.

Thanks in Advance,


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