Game code bug

Karen Pouelle hockeyvixen at
Wed Sep 17 21:21:34 EDT 2003

The bug shown in the demo is still in the game code.  I've not been able to
find it.

But, I have fixed the bug where a spectator can type "kill" - this sometimes
causes problems.  I have some reason to believe that someone uses the bug as
an exploit to cause a server crash, but I've been unable to reproduce it (may
be a hacked client in addtion to this bug.   What happends is that someone
comes on the server, gets killed, goes into spectator mode, then types "kill"
then the server crashes.  This has been seen at least three times.

So this is what I did in the game code for g_cmds.c to the routine Cmd_Kill_f
is edit the first line of the routine:

if( ((level.time - ent->client->respawn_time) < 5) ||
(ent->client->resp.spectator) )

Thus none of the code following that line in the routine has to deal with
making a spectator "die" and somehow causing a crash.  Without this edit, if
you do this as a spectator, you'll get a fixed view angle looking at the last
person who's killed you.  

Thanks for taking the time to make the game code more secure and bug-free.


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