[quake2] Work around for Binary Mod issue?

Jamie Wilkinson jaq at quakeforge.net
Fri Oct 3 03:39:38 EDT 2003

This one time, at band camp, Karen Pouelle wrote:
>Obviously there is a 3.20 Linux client, it's just 5 years old now.  Even if
>the source were available, and the client recompiled, I believe some mod
>binaries STILL wouldn't work.  Best to pester those who've made the mod to
>release or rebuild.  

Yep.  The xatrix and rogue source from ftp.idsoftware.com work perfectly
well when built with quakeforge's code and I'd expect they'd build against
icculus q2 with no problems also.

I'm planning on making the quake2forge install process install the header
files to /usr/include/quake2 so that people can build their binary only
mods, or people can build source released mods on their own machines, which
may help.


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