Work around for Binary Mod issue?

now doit at
Fri Oct 3 00:31:15 EDT 2003

 I'm distressed to find I can't run <insert q2 mod here> under debian
unstable. I'm going back to version quake2-r0.0.6 which seems to work
with WOD (which I _must_have ;).

 Are there any other creative ideas about solving this? I can run quake2
with WOD under woody, but I'm growing weary of running a dual boot
woody/sid system. 

Between version quake2-r0.0.6 and quake2-r0.0.7, The ID Games version
jumps from 3.19 to 3.21, at least according to the README files
included. Is there a way I can get the 3.20 version? 

now <doit at>

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