Quake 2 - Angola 1961

Nelson Marques nmarques at netvisao.pt
Sun Nov 30 12:32:39 EST 2003

Hi there,

  My name is Nelson Marques, and I am Portuguese. Some time me and some 
friends had this idea of making a game to distribute, we have some nice 
people around, and so far, we started up with a Unreal Tournament Mod, 
soon we would like to make it full game and use a engine wich we can 
distribute as a full game, either for Win32, either for GNU/Linux and 
*BSD. So far we elected Quake2 Engine for this purpose, either for the 
big availability of resources and people who can contribute for it. Our 
main staff team is basic 3D modelers and graphists, and some UT 
scripters. The game will be featuring the Portuguese Colonial War in the 
Angolan Scenario in 1961 with the the arrival of the first Portuguese 
Troops. The game will be basically a Multiplayer game consisting on a 
set of several maps which will make a campaign. For single player, we 
lack AI programmers.

 What I would like to ask here, is what are your plans for this fork of 
Quake 2 ? Can we use it ? Would you guys like to help us out in any way ?

 We also though on the Tenebrae 2 engine, but the commits on the CVS 
appear to be a bit old, and I am afraid that Tenebrae2 might never see 
the light.

 Any ideas, thoughts would be welcome.

 Best Regards,


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