q2max: quad/invulnerability cause extreme lag

mv007 at gmx.net mv007 at gmx.net
Thu Nov 20 08:54:48 EST 2003


This is my first post to the list, and after skimming all the threads in
this list since the beginning I still could not find a solution. Sorry, if I may
have missed an article or thread where the answer is given...

Having compiled the latest icculus quake2, with q2max enabled, I get a
wonderfully running quake2, with very nice graphics. Compliments!

Whenever in online gaming I meet a player with quad damage activated (or
with invulnerability) I get *extreme* lag, my fps drop to an absolute minimum,
and I can't hit the other person.

This extreme lag only happens when coming *close* to a person in quad or

- do others know this issue?
- is there a workaround, some setting to change, some variable, some change
in compiling the source....?
- perhaps it's something with multitextures, or dynamic lights, or whatever?

with quakeforge quake2 (as well as the original ID quake2) I never get this
lag, when coming close to a quad player

Please, help me get around this annoyance and enjoy icculus quake2 (with
maxpak.pak) even better. Thanks

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