Time Acceleration & Client Side Prediction

Alex J. Champandard alex at ai-depot.com
Mon May 26 17:31:14 EDT 2003


Is it possible to accelerate the Quake 2 simulation from the game DLL 
without having any nasty side effects on the client side prediction?

Basically, I have a dedicated Q2 server which runs in accelerated time 
(maximum speed) when I need to run my learning AI.  To do this, I 
highjacked the G_RunFrame() function to run as many times as possible in 
0.1 seconds, then return.

This works OK for most purposes, but I get messed up client side prediction 
when I connect to the server (only after a while); the bots bob up and down.

Can anyone think of a fix, or a better way to achieve this?


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