[quake2] Bug in Hooks patch

Nick Trout nick at rockstarvancouver.com
Thu May 22 15:56:59 EDT 2003

> From: Steven Edwards
> Well seeing as how your goals include being as clean and portable as 
> possible then building under Mingw is part of that. Currently mingw 
> doesnt have its own directx headers so I am in the process of 
> making on 
> for dsound. I will keep working off of this patch untill you get your 
> CVS up. I may have a few minor patches and bug reports for 
> you. I cannot 
> program that well so dont expect to much as I am still learning.

The portable in this case is across O.S.s. Building on different
compilers on the same platform shouldn't really be a problem. It's
generally a problem because a compiler does not adhere to the standards
agreed, e.g. VC6 is woeful in it's ANSI C++ complience. If you are
aiming for portablity then you should not be using DirectX in any form.
It is completely win32 based and will not cater to all development
environments on the same platform either (e.g. Cygwin on win32). Q2X
aims to be portable by using the SDL hardware abstraction. All the
details of these hardware problems are hidden the library. I suggest you
look at SDL rather than DirectHex.


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