[quake2] Quake2 and Lua

Nick Trout nick at rockstarvancouver.com
Tue May 13 19:22:02 EDT 2003

> >Lua in this version. Are there two Quake2 projects: Q2X and Quake2?
> Yes.  Q2X was started up recently by myself, but I've since been 
> distracted by real world "stuff".  In theory I'm also waiting on Dan 
> Olson to get the SDL build working, but I haven't harassed him about 
> that in quite some time.

Ah, the real world, I understand. I didn't notice the Q2X CVS tree link
on Icculus off the main page, but it is on the list of CVS directories;
I'll take a look. Do you know how broken the SDL build is?

> >I'm interested in embedding Lua in the Quake2 engine to play around 
> >with Lua scripting in the game as Quake2 is a tidy little 
> game engine.
> My goal is to replace the game side server scripts (and eventually 
> client side scripting) with Lua code optionally.  This would allow 
> for cross-platform mods, which I think would be a Good Thing.

Sounds good. I think if you put togther the Quake2 engine, something
like Quark, and Lua you'd have a pretty sweet little development

I am writing a Lua tutorial on the Lua wiki and I'd like to provide some
game examples for Lua, as its becoming very popular as a game scripting
language. The Quake2 engine is quite nicely abstracted and a good
readable codebase. There are other Quakesque projects but they contain
distractions (e.g. cloth renderers). Its seems your objectives, from the
Q2X page, are similar to my objectives for a "shell" in which to
demonstrate Lua. It would be an interesting exercise to replace all of
the game AI with Lua scripts.


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