[quake2] A odd problem

Chris Shafer wcshafer at cablespeed.com
Mon Mar 10 20:45:40 EST 2003

On  0, Brian Hook <hook_l at pyrogon.com> wrote:
> >Quake 2 on my machine has very bad lag when using opengl rendering,
> Does it do this with other builds (i.e. built from different forks,
> like QuakeForges)?

I was using the QuakeForge build intially then decide to try the 
icculus.org when it failed.
> >but only when using opengl rendering and only in multi-player games
> >where I'm not the server. If I serve everything will be fine.
> First question -- if you're the server, do other players complain
> about lag?

No they do just fine.

> >Tried under both Debian and Slackware on the same machine they share
> >no files though...
> My first guess would be that something about the NVidia drivers is
> basically torching the PCI bus, preventing adequate performance of
> the network stack.

Something I forgot to mention. Quake and Quake3 work fine.
I tested this by firing up a q2 ded server and connecting to myself, 
and all was fine.

> Another thing to try, although this might be pushing it.  Start two
> sessions, one in OpenGL and another in software, and connect to two
> different servers.  Does the ping on the software instance drop when
> the OpenGL connects?

Im not quit sure what you are asking me to do here. 

> Brian
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