[quake2] Getting an error when trying to run...

InternetGamer at HunterCo.net InternetGamer at HunterCo.net
Tue Jun 17 08:25:14 EDT 2003

That line was in the file... I commented it out but was still getting problems 
every time it would try to run the game in the window (I know- I'm evil 
because I didn't write down the error). I was able to pull up the options, 
though, change the video mode resolution and fullscreen, and it's running 
great now.
Thanks for the help!

On Monday 16 June 2003 07:23 pm, I thought Brendan Burns said something 
> Make sure that there are no lines like:
> omit xfree86-dga
> in your XF86Config file
> (admittedly it shouldn't crash in either case, I'll look into that...)
> --brendan

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