Retexturing/Release PAK Updates

Karen Pouelle hockeyvixen at
Wed Jul 23 17:07:13 EDT 2003

"I don't see pak15.pak at that URL... is this normal?" - Vincent S. Cojot

pak15.pak is unit e2u2. I currently have 4 submitted textures ( + 94 are
duplicates found in earlier paks) of 151 (64% done).  This means that 53 more
textures are needed to complete that pak. Since 94 textures are already in
earlier paks with symlinks to this unit, the pak file would contain only 4
textures if I built it.  So I'm holding off on this one for more submissions.
You can still get them from the web CVS and see the progress on any unit
(They're stored as PNG's in the CVS).

I'm updating (and adding new units) to the texture paks at least once a week.
The forum page where I'm displaying pak update information ( ) will show you what
I'm currently doing and why.

None of these paks are finished (e1u1 is close, though), but contain as many
textures as have been submitted.  Anyone interested in contributing can
submit textures via CVS, email, or forum post and they will appear in the
next version of the pak.  
I am very happy to see the code go into the CVS.  As I mentioned
before, even the current windows binary release of Quake2maX does not have
the rescale feature, nor does BeefQuake currently have this feature.  The
more clients which can use the retexturing pak, the more rewarding my work on
maintaining the repostory for the retexturing of Quake 2 becomes.

"Many thanks Also Karen.. I hope I can make it work on Solaris too.. :)"

I am no programer, but if you have any questions about this, please ask; I
might FIND the answer somewhere if I ask the right people. :)   

So to answer your question, I'd build pak15.pak in the next week or two if I
receive 10 or more submissions to e2u2 in that time.  pak16.pak (e2u3) is
coming along nicely, so I made that one a few days ago.   I'll add a more
general version of your question to the "mini-faq.txt" I'm keeping at the
site - thanks Vincent



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