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Karen Pouelle hockeyvixen at yahoo.ca
Tue Jul 15 13:29:15 EDT 2003

"Thank you, but it's not enough. Something like this patch is needed as
well for pak10.pak and up to be loaded. It does look pretty sweet
though. :)" - Earthling Michel Dänzer 

Although you can rename the pak files, I don't recommend combining them into
one due to the symlinks embedded in the pak files I've created. Some pak
utilities may not know what to do with them!  Eventually when the dust
settles and all of 1309 unique textures are done, I'll put them into 1 large
pak file and add the symlinks to the 879 duplicates and say "Done!".  If
you'd like me to create any specific custom pak file or have any questions on
how I create symlinks within the paks, just email me or drop by on my forum.

Well, I took a look at the source I have and the source at icculus.org in
qcommon/files.c and found what to do.  I've attached the patch here.  Hope
that helps!  I'm sure there's more tweaks in mine, so I'll take a look around
a bit in my source.  Remember, I didn't write this, just asked someone else
to "make it work".  There's a lot of bugs in the original and 3.21 source. 
We'll get them! :)



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