Mod question, and q2ace

Anders Storsveen anders at
Mon Jul 7 17:45:08 EDT 2003

I'm an old quake2 player, and I love quake2. and even more I loooove
this project since the other q2 binary made me go in "slow-motion".
however, i do remember that crbot and other mods worked, didn't they?
saw a discussion earlier.

but more important, to be able to actually play with this client other
than single player I need to join servers on the net and most of them
need q2ace authentiaction (the ones where poeple who play seriously and
hate cheaters play anyway). have any of you been in contact with the
q2ace guy? if you don't know  what i'm talking about check out:

btw: i've newer used a mailing list before and I don't know how to use
it, is there any web-based forums around?


Anders Storsveen
The Next Generation

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