[quake2] quake2 on ppc?

Andreas Hasenack andreas at conectiva.com.br
Fri Jan 31 19:04:08 EST 2003

Em Fri, Jan 31, 2003 at 06:00:37PM -0500, Karen Pouelle escreveu:
> "So, basically, I can only play without sound. If using sound, the game 
> crashes." - Andreas Hasenack 
> I'm sorry I don't know - still haven't got my PPC running yet (Upgrade to G4
> chip).  But what I'm hoping someone can answer is HOW DO YOU turn the sound
> off (not just down all the way) at runtime?  I've checked for a switch to do
> it, but haven't seen it mentioned.

-nosound should do the trick. Or just select some sound output your system
doesn't support (like export SDL_AUDIODRIVER=esd or something if using
sdl, check ftp://ptah.lnf.kth.se/pub/misc/sdl-env-vars for more)

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