quake2 on ppc?

Andreas Hasenack andreas at conectiva.com.br
Fri Jan 31 17:29:37 EST 2003

Anybody running quake2 on a ppc machine? I'm having some problems with
an iBook, mostly segfaults at startup.


Seems to be sound related (!), but it's really weird. First, I can only use
glx or sdlgl. Others crash at startup, I don't even see the menu.

Second, when using glx or sdlgl, the demo runs fine, with sound, but, when I
start a game, I get another segfault. BUT, if I start quake2 without sound,
then I can start a game and play. Strange.

So, basically, I can only play without sound. If using sound, the game crashes.

Anybody else with such problems? Or success stories on ppc? :)


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