[quake2] FreeBSD port/package

Mik Mifflin mik42 at adelphia.net
Wed Jan 22 01:21:59 EST 2003

Wow, this works great!  After the bug in the makefile earlier today, I 
had another (it couldn't find the GL headers).  Being this is my first 
day on FreeBSD, I set it aside for another day.  This installed 
flawlessly, and I played a few levels.  The other problems I was having 
with Linux and Windows (Matrox G450 flashing textures and hardlock) are 
gone too.  Thanks for the port!  I still have to rely on people smarter 
than me until I get oriented in this new os....

  - Mik Mifflin
mik42 at adelphia.net

Seth Kingsley wrote:
> This is my first attempt at a FreeBSD ports collection entry for
> QuakeII.  It will download and compile QuakeII for all versions of
> FreeBSD with a single command ("make install") and register the package
> so that it shows up in the output of pkg_info(1) and can later be
> deinstalled easily.  It supports options for ALSA, AALib, QMAX, and
> automatic installation of the shareware datafiles.
> Attached is a shell-archive of the port structure.  To extract it, save
> the file and run the following commands:
> # cd /usr/ports
> # sh /path/to/games-quake2.shar
> # cd games/quake2
> # make install
> If you want to do me a favor and test the port structure on your system,
> run these additional commands:
> # make deinstall clean
> # make -DWITHOUT_DEMO package deinstall clean
> # pkg_add quake2-r0.15.tar.gz
> Please report any problems you have.  Eventually this will become part
> of the public FreeBSD ports collection, and binary packages will be
> available for major releases.

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