[quake2] Q2max performance?

Karen Pouelle hockeyvixen at yahoo.ca
Mon Jan 20 16:28:25 EST 2003

"The difference is /very/ noticeable here, so something must be different on
your system." 

The performance of Quake2maX seems highly related to video card.  The
original author writes and tests on one video card only, so doesn't see these
bottle neck situations.  Also, there's been more opitmizations in more recent
versions which haven't been ported.  Still, a minimal FPS cvar and code to
deliver by dropping some of the extra effects would be preferable to the
drastic performance changes.

"I don't have the time to figure out how to determine FPS."

It's in the documentation for Quake2maX.  Although not all features have been
ported. One could update the code, as well - An average fps at different time
values (much like the server load average) would be an even better indication
of overall performance vs load spikes.  I think it's worthy of the
consideration of adding. 
"I just use 'set cl_drawfps "1"' in config.cfg (or from the console)."

Several other engines use that cvar, also.  Check their documentation - you
had the time to write the email to ask and patient enough to wait for and
read the answer, but not to read docs?

"I'm not sure a timedemo would show anything useful; the slowdowns sometimes
happen when nothing particular is going on (i.e. it's not just when there's
a lot of fighting and such)."

The good thing about timerefresh or timedemo is it can give an overall
performance rating to compare between systems.  timerefresh is the maximum
fps at the time and ignores max_fps value while it runs.  If done several
times in one place, values sometimes increase as textures are cached.


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