[quake2] enthusiasm and questions

Brendan Burns brendanburns at attbi.com
Fri Jan 17 15:25:42 EST 2003


> I'm extremely happy to have found http://icculus.org/quake2/ - a simple
> installer for quake 2 for linux!  Kewlness!  I'm so very happy to see
> such a thing that I'm willing to donate some money for the project.
> Not
> a lot, but at least what I'd spend on a boxed version.  This work needs
> to be rewarded. :-)
Well, I could always use a graphics card, my 4Mb Mach64 is really
getting me down ;-P

> Now - some questions - does this version support
> OpenGL?  I know that the older one did - but I could never get it to
> work.  I'm running Red Hat 8.0 with a Radion 8500 and ATI's official
> drivers.

Yes, it should support both GLX and SDLGL.

<Error message snipped>

Two answers:

Make sure that there is a:
Load "extmod"

in your
Section "Module"

section of your /etc/X11/XF86Config file.

2) try quake2 +set vid_ref sdlgl  (assuming you have SDL installed)

hope that helps, let me know if it doesn't


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