[quake2] Quake 2 ipv6 master server test

doneill at kida.net doneill at kida.net
Sat Jan 11 14:54:41 EST 2003

ah, i almost forgot to mention; at http://q6stat.actiongal.com/ i've tried
to explain some of the details about connecting your server to the master,
as well as some questions i'm frequently asked.  as you can see, there
aren't many, but that last one was at least one of them

anyways, i'll keep my eye open for your server to appear :)

i should also mention, if i've neglected to until now, that since this is
an ipv6 project, the master server as well as the url posted above do
/not/ work without a working ipv6 connection /and/ an ipv6 capable

sometime today i'll have live stats on the page as well, of all (so far 1)
quake 2 servers on the master.  once that works, i'll move on to patching
qstat/xqf/qplug(linux) to accept the new format unless the master server
blows  up when it hits >2 servers :}

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