Quake 2 ipv6 master server test

doneill at kida.net doneill at kida.net
Sat Jan 11 00:52:43 EST 2003

greetings to all who care

first of all, i don't want to bore anybody who isn't interested, and
second, i've already sent off a load of these emails, so i'll skip to the
meaty stuff because you already know whats there;


^- ipv6 only link, its also the master server

( because in theory, if you can't load it, you don't need it )

why do we need this crap?  well, the existing method of 'stat'ing
quake/quake2 servers is to return a list of 4 short integers (or possibly
a single long?), which, to my knowledge, simply can't be reworked to use
ipv6 without severe compromise; besides, its not portable.

anyhow, please email any questions to me directly; i'll be happy to take
any and
all :)

i would also like to add <BEG>please setmaster q6stat.actiongal.com on
your servers to help me test my master out.  also, the more places you
publish the address, the more people will q2 on ipv6, because the easier
it is to find servers (namely yours) ;)</BEG>


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