[quake2] Quake 2 - Fedora Core I

Nelson Marques nmarques at netvisao.pt
Tue Dec 2 13:32:19 EST 2003

Gian Paolo Mureddu wrote:

> Nelson Marques wrote:
>> Hi there,
>>  I've made some changes for the code to compile properly under Fedora 
>> Core I. No other changes were made. Just got rid of some warning and 
>> changed a couple of includes, like asm/io.h to sys/io.h.
>>  Taking this out, so far nothing was changed. You guys want the patch 
>> or a i386 RPM for Fedora ?
>> Best Regards,
>> Nelson Marques
> I'd rather download the patch than the rpm, because of my custom 
> install of Quake2 (in other directory rather than 
> /usr/local/share/games, lack of space :D), that is why I built it from 
> source.
> Thanks for the work you've put into this... does this solve the mouse 
> problem with the glx driver (mouse barely responding)?

 As far as I am could see, there's no mouse problem. This are the things 
I have noticed so far:
   - Game crashes when you connect to server which is not a standard 
game server, like Action Quake 2 after being unable to locate the 
gamedir folder.
   - When less than 1024x768, there's some weird problem on the weapon 
sprites being it displayed with interlaced green lines.

 So far, thats the only issues I have seen. I didn't played much with it 
either :)

 I'll send a .diff still today.

 Nelson Marques

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