[OT]: ping goes up (10x) when 2nd player connect

Carsten Ziepke kieltux at sendmail.ru
Tue Apr 15 04:01:29 EDT 2003


I have searched the web and usenet for my problem, but I didn`t find
anything I didn`t try in between:
Situation: Router with ip_masq enabled connected to DSL Link (768/128).
Clients with Q2-r0.15 and latest xqf/qstat.
1st player (LAN behind the router) connects to a server: Ping is round
about 50-80ms ( depending on the server)
2nd player connects to another server or same as 1st player:
Ping goes up for 1st and 2nd player to round about 550ms and stays there
stable :-(
If one player disconnects the ping goes down to 50-80ms.

I looked at my router (Linux 2.2.25, I tried also 2.2.21, Kernel is
allready optimised for router) and ip_masq_quake is loaded and used
( information from lsmod) No packets lost,errors or collisions on server
side and client side(PCs are connected via 100MB switch).

I tried different settings for "set rate" (down to 2500) and
"set cl_maxfps" (down to 25), but it makes no difference.

We have no problems with this setup playing UT online
(2 Players LAN -> Internet UT Server, 3-4 Players Internet -> LAN UT
Server + 2 Players LAN).

Sorry for this long and offtopic posting, but I really don`t know what
else I can try.

kieltux at sendmail.ru
Linux User: #248382
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