[quake2] Error Using GLX Rendering

Karen Pouelle hockeyvixen at yahoo.ca
Sat Apr 5 20:14:31 EST 2003

"When I try to initialize GLX rendering, I get...
Error: Missing Particle Picture: particles/beam.jpg"

This makes me suspect that you've compiled the Quake2maX code in, but do not
have the pak file that was supplied with it - since it's looking for the
updated effects "beam.jpg" which isn't in the original retail paks.

"Both Quake 1 and Quake III work fine using GLX, and Quake II 
works with software rendering."

In software mode, it uses the pcx and wal files supplied with the original
retail paks, so never looks for or needs the files that are used in the newer
graphics effects.

"I have tried ... Any suggestions would be appreciated."


I suggest you download the zip or rar archive of the Windows binary
distribution of Quake2maX and then copy the maxpak.pak file into your baseq2
folder.  The most recent version I have uses PNG's, not jpgs - so "beam.png"
is in the pak, not "beam.jpg".  If PNG's are not supported, you'll have an
issue where you'll need to convert and repak your maxpak.pak with jpgs.  The
version that was ported was 0.25, yet those don't seem to be posted any

Download "windows binary" from http://modscape.telefragged.com/q2max/ and
locate and copy the maxpak.pak into your baseq2 folder, then try.  

If PNG's are supported in your version, then the most recent pak file will
work, otherwise you may need to convert them.  If you need help with that,
let me know.


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